100 Day Countdown

With the primary on March 17th, 2020, December 8th marks 100 days out! Follow along on this page for weekly updates of why voters in Champaign County support Ruth Wyman for Circuit Judge. Our Facebook and Instagram will also have daily updates!

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Deloris Henry - Day 100

"I have known Ruth for over a decade and I have great respect for her as an attorney for the following reasons: She is very knowledgeable about the law as evidenced by the myriad of cases that she handles. She's a good listener. Her personal and professional ethics are impeccable.

She has the Judicial temperament to be a judge because she's intelligent, honest and thorough in her research. She has the courage to represent people in the underserved communities!"

Brian Dolinar - Day 99

"I look forward to voting for Ruth who, more than any other attorney in town, has fought to defend African Americans wrongly caught up in the criminal justice system. Additionally, she has worked to represent undocumented families targeted by this administration's anti-immigrant policies.

A vote for Ruth is a vote to make sure that justice is fairly applied."

Sierra Reed -
Day 98

"Ruth cares about people! Her willingness to learn and engage with different communities is inspiring!"